The Big Foody Food Tour was established in 2007 to show visitors and locals the real hidden pleasures of Auckland’s epicurean culture. As with all major cities Auckland has its fair share of run of the mill eateries. The Big Foody team has spent the last 6 years seeking out the very best delights of Auckland’s eateries and food establishments to bring to you in a fun filled taste extravaganza leaving you confident of where best to eat in the city.

As a bunch of super keen foodies we love showing off our city and the great places we have on offer to enjoy. Our Vision is to have a Big Foody Food Tour in every major city around the world so that you, the ravenous visitor know that all you have to do is seek us out for a culinary spectacular.

After a few years of working in various kitchens I qualified in hospitality management and ended up working in a fantastic hotel in Crete. The tavernas in Loutro were all family run and produced the most beautiful dishes, simple, local and fresh.
My passion for cooking and food started in my early teens when I was flicking through a magazine and came across the food section. It was like someone turned a lightbulb on, I wanted to work with food, talk about food and excite people through food.
Elle Armon-Jones

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Meet The Big Foody -
I arrived in New Zealand in 2003, a wide eyed 23 year old wanting to experience it all and quickly fell in love with the fabulously diverse culture of Auckland. The Food Halls transport you to another land, the restaurants turn out dishes so innovative and fresh and the cafe scene is so welcoming. To top it all off the micro climates in the area provide the most incredible produce with great seasonable choices of fruit and veg.

Auckland food isn't just about the top end restaurants. It's about the characters who create those restaurants, the baristas who make the coffees, the artisan producers who bring the full flavours of the city to the consumer and the specialist shops whos knowledge and dedication gives Aucklanders such a wide choice.

The Big Foody Food Tours are the ultimate way to taste Auckland and we look forward to showing it off to you!

5 favourite things:

Q. Best Food Hall
A. I love Food Alley and the Ponsonby Road International Food Court

Q. Best Service in Auckland
A. Cibo in Parnell, We love them

Q. Hidden Gems
A. Come on a tour and find out...!!! But Kohu Road Creamery is definitely one of them

Q.Most memorable meal
A. Too many, but our recent research trip to Hong Kong we went to Rainbow Restaurant at Lamma Island. Just heaven!

Q. Last kitchen gadget purchased
A. We have 72kg's of gadgets arriving from our European trip, the one i'm looking forward to most is the spaetzle maker from Strasbourg.

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